Raymedy therapy

Raymedy is a unique form of therapy based on knowledge about energy pathways in the body, which acupuncture also uses. Raymedy uses modern measuring and treatment equipment and self-developed software to detect and treat energy imbalances. With just a few treatments, a range of disorders and injuries, but also stress and jet lag can be remedied. Since 2019 we have also introduced home equipment, the ReadMe and PowerMe, with which you can easily measure and treat yourself.

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examples of conditions that we treat

Treatment via therapist

For serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist looks for effective treatment frequencies.

Get started yourself?

Injuries, complaints or disorders can be treated with the PowerMe yourself. Your therapist makes a treatment plan that you implement at home. The App provides step by step instructions.

treat yourself

Order the ReadMe pen

Take matters into your own hands and prevent problems

Download the app

From the App Store (Apple only)

Measure your meridians

Measure the energy of your meridians with the ReadMe

Insight into your health

With this objective measurement you know where you stand

Well on the way to a healthy life


With the ReadMe pen you measure how the energy flows through the meridians of your body. The app shows you where your energy is not flowing properly and which treatment is appropriate as well as lifestyle advice.

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Raymedy PowerMe


With the PowerMe you administer different raymedies yourself. By stimulating biophysical processes in and between cells, the PowerMe restores the natural balance of the body.

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People with experience speaking

Painful focus in the mouth of restaurant owner Erik

Torn ligaments and meniscus

Best Dutch female golfer’s experience with Raymedy


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