Severe symptoms due to Lyme

Even after repeated courses of antibiotics, you sometimes keep symptoms of Lyme infection. You then have chronic Lyme. Chronic Lyme can eventually lead to a variety of neurological conditions: from vague symptoms such as fatigue and loss of concentration to painful joints, tendons and muscles to severe symptoms of failure. Raymedy can help you

Raymedy takes a different approach

You can have Lyme Borreliosis bacteria in your body without this being apparent from the most commonly used standard medical tests. Raymedy pairs ancient Eastern insights with modern Western measurement techniques and can indeed detect Lyme. With our technology, we can work in 4 steps to treat and remedy the infection:

Four steps to successful treatment


You choose a therapist and complete an intake form. This way your therapist gains insight into your scars and complaints that are associated with it.

Body Scan

The therapist examines your energy management by measuring meridians that have to do with your complaints.


You have insight in the balance of your body and you get advice from your therapist how to restore or improve the balance.


Your therapist draws up a treatment plan with light and magnetic fields to bring your body back into balance.

Well on the way to a healthy life

Results with chronic Lyme infections

Research shows that our treatment method leads to a rapid reduction of the Lyme-Borrelia bacteria. The treatment focuses primarily on the meridian that uses the bacteria as a transport system to cause infections in your organs. We use the meridian measurements as a guide so that we can give special attention to your weakest meridian and the painful places through which it runs. Often the bacteria hide in the fluid of your spine and other joints. Even in white blood cells. In addition, you will receive a detox treatment that your therapist will first test for its effectiveness with you.

Lyme and meridians

We take a broad look at chronic lyme disease

Western research shows that all processes in our bodies are controlled by energy in the form of electricity, chemical signals or light. According to centuries of ancient Chinese medicine, all that energy flows through the body via meridians. In the treatment of chronic lyme, we use both insights at Raymedy.

Energy must flow freely again

Our body has 24 meridians. Those meridians come together in the abdomen and in the head. Many complaints arise from a disturbance in those meridians. At Raymedy, we make sure your energy can flow through your body unhindered again.

The Lyme-Borrelia bacterium damages weak meridians

The Lyme-Borrelia bacteria does damage primarily at your weakest meridian. So for example, do you have a weak bladder meridian? If so, it is likely that the bacteria are in the tissue that regulates your bladder meridian or in the organs that supply this meridian with energy.

More about chronic lyme

Lyme is usually caught by the bite of a tick. Sometimes you get it through body fluid transfer. The cause is the lyme-borreliosis bacterium that usually disappears after a course of antibiotics from your doctor. Did you get lyme? Then you notice that if your skin has turned red where the tick has been. Usually there is also a red ring around it. A red swelling may occur on your ear lobe or your areola. Unfortunately, these visible signs are not always present. After an antibiotic cure from the doctor you are usually rid of your lyme. Chronic lyme disease occurs when this acute phase of lyme disease is not (or not successfully) treated with antibiotics. Then you can get other complaints. These complaints can be very different:

  • You suffer from fatigue
  • You have concentration problems
  • You can get pain in muscles and tendons
  • You get a tingling sensation
  • You notice that you lose power
  • You suffer from a swollen and painful joint
  • In the months to years after the tick bite, your skin turns red to purple and becomes thinner in those places
  • There is a slight inflammation of your meninges or spinal nerves
  • You become deaf
  • You will see cross-eyed
  • You can get a facial paralysis and other failure symptoms

Treatment via therapist

For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.

Get started yourself?

Injuries, complaints or conditions can be self-treated with the PowerMe. Your therapist creates a treatment plan that you carry out at home. The app provides step-by-step instructions.

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