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Founding of Raymedy bv (then called i-Health). In the first patients the micro-blood circulation was stimulated with ultra-long radio waves. We investigated the effects of the treatments in a rehabilitation center. In 200 patients with impaired circulation of the legs (Claudicatio intermittens), the pain-free walking distance improved from about 120 meters to 2,000 meters. This improvement had remained constant a year later. Micro-blood flow in the lower legs improved significantly. Where initially no Doppler was measured, the measurements showed responses after 3 months (12 treatments of 10 minutes). During the treatment series, the skin temperature was raised on average with 5 degrees Celsius. When there were open legs, they healed in a few weeks.



Highly successful treatments of patients with complex regional pain syndrome (including post-traumatic dystrophy, Morbus sudeck), a vegetative dysfunction that can lead to permanent disability for which there is no effective, painless other treatment.



Sale began of the first therapy system for treatment with pulsating magnetic fields. We obtained the international patent for the device for the automatic determination of effective treatment signals in the electromagnetic and electric spectrum with (rapid response) thermography.



Award of the international patent for our computer-controlled device for treatment with successive alternating colors. This is a completely new method for treatment with light.



The first system for meridian diagnosis, thermography and therapy with light and magnetic field is ready and we start with sales and training in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the USA.



The software is extended with the prevention module, which provides advice on lifestyle and computer-based treatment of weak and non-regulating meridians based on the meridane measurements. The system finds its way into spas and very renowned wellness hotels, even in South Africa.



The home treatment system is patented in Europe and the US. Raymedy is the only manufacturer of energy medicine systems with ownership of international patents.



Microbiological research on the results of our treatments for chronic Borrellia infections. Substantial reductions of active Borrellia DNA were determined by quantitative PCR after a few treatments in all clearly positive blood samples.

We develop the PsyChi method. This effectively treats negative core beliefs, addictions and severe emotional traumata. With this addition, the Raymedy system is in the true sense of the word an integral system because it can be used for both physical and emotional issues and the interaction between the two becomes stunningly transparent.



The peer-reviewed journal Livestock Science publishes research into the relationship between measurements with our equipment and dairy cow health. Bosma et.al. (2006): Dairy health, impedance on six acupuncture points and immune response factors in milk. It was shown that the measurements correlate very well with health and performance parameters (milk yield, protein content). As far as we know, this is the most extensive research in the field of (electro) acupuncture in (450) animals.



After extensive practical experience gained with our system by a number of board members and teachers of the International Association for Homeopathy and Homeotoxicology (IGHH), Raymedy is invited to give courses to members, mainly doctors, dentists, pharmacists.



Expansion of the system with the electronic medication test. This allows reliable and rapid testing of the therapeutic signals and -agents for their stabilizing and harmonizing effect. This test is both quick to learn and delegable and is a huge improvement on the classic electro-acupuncture test according to Voll (EAV).



We are committed to the exchange of measurements and of therapy results with our clients and  cooperation among our clients. These data are included in a database accessible to every raymedy-therapist. This provides us with good insight into how the system is used in practice and what the results are. These data help us to further develop the system, to (further) training and quality control.

Raymedy is invited to demonstrate the system at the World Health Fair in Shanghai at the expense of the Chinese government.

The results of the research by Dr.med. J. Batke to the effects of the treatment of prostate hyperplasia are published. 80% of the subjects experience a great improvement.



Prof. Dr.em. G. Falsone develops the Lebringer Modell: Raymedy offers new possibilities for prevention and health care of children. The Styrian government subsidizes the raymedy therapy in schools. The results are remarkably good (fewer physical complaints (less susceptibility, less headache, less joint complaints, better concentration), children, parents and teachers are enthusiastic.



The first Raymedy Center is opened in Eindhoven. Several therapists work under the direction of Mechthild de Leijer. The intention is to set up a network of Centers if proven successful. See: www.raymedycentreeindhoven.nl



The development is started of a measurement and treatment system for consumer data with an App for i-phones. In the same year, the collaboration with a Chinese partner took shape.



We participate in the innovation competition for medical devices organized by the Chinese Ministry of Innovation and Information Technology (MIIT) and we win! This gives us wind in the sails in China.



In the Netherlands we start selling our system ReadMe and PowerMe for the consumer.



The Raymedy Center in Eindhoven celebrates its 5th anniversary. It has developed into a well-known address where a large number of different complaints, both physical and emotional, are being treated effectively.

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