How does Raymedy work

How does raymedy work

Finally a therapy that just helps!

Unique combination east and west

Raymedy is a unique form of therapy whose foundations lie in biophysics, electro-acupuncture and the space travel scientific program to remotely monitor and improve cosmonauts’ health. Raymedy has advanced this into practical treatment equipment that has treated over half a million people worldwide in the past 20 years.

The therapy is based on the knowledge of the energy pathways in the body that acupuncture also uses, the influence they have on your health and how to restore health through these energy pathways. Raymedy uses modern measuring and treatment equipment and unique self-developed software to detect and treat energetic imbalances. Raymedy treats these imbalances with light, pulsing electromagnetic fields and micro-currents.

energy channels
ReadMe and PowerMe

Harmony in your body

Raymedy therapy returns your body to a balance that approximates the original, healthy state of your body as much as possible. The goal is to get your organs and body functions working together again in harmony. A lot of ailments and conditions can be improved in a few treatments, some issues such as jet lag after just 1 treatment.

With the new ReadMe and PowerMe equipment, you can just treat yourself at home. Read how this works here.

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