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You like to play sports. It makes you feel good, but you suffer an injury. That can hurt quite a bit. Pain that can last for days, weeks or even months. There are also some chronic forms of (joint) pain that can interfere with your exercise, such as heel spur and Oshgood-Schlatter syndrome. Exercise is also difficult with rheumatoid arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis.
Raymedy can help you.

Raymedy takes a different approach

Mainstream health care treats most (sports) injuries with rest, pain management and physical therapy. Raymedy looks on. We link ancient Eastern insights about recovery to our Western science. This allows us to work in 4 steps to heal your sports injury faster:

Four steps to successful treatment


You choose a therapist and complete an intake form. This way your therapist gains insight into your scars and complaints that are associated with it.

Body Scan

The therapist examines your energy management by measuring meridians that have to do with your complaints.


You have insight in the balance of your body and you get advice from your therapist how to restore or improve the balance.


Your therapist draws up a treatment plan with light and magnetic fields to bring your body back into balance.

You are well on your way to a healthier life!

Mark Lodewijks

Daphne van Leuken talks about her experience with Raymedy. During a game of soccer with her oldest son, she seriously injured her cruciate ligament and meniscus. So much so that surgery was deemed necessary and scheduled. She went to a Raymedy therapist for a consultation and treatment and then treated herself with the PowerMe.

Injuries and meridians

We take a broad view of (sports) injuries

Western research shows that all processes in our bodies are controlled by energy in the form of electricity, combustion or light. According to centuries of ancient Chinese medicine, all that energy flows through the body via meridians. When treating your injuries, we at Raymedy use both of these insights.

Energy must flow freely again

Our body has 24 meridians. Those meridians come together in the abdomen and in the head. Many complaints arise from a disturbance in those meridians. At Raymedy, we make sure your energy can flow through your body unhindered again.

Energy must flow freely again

Usually the meridians running through your injury have abnormal energy levels. With a muscle injury, that connection is usually less obvious.

More about (sports) injuries

In individual sports, a (sports) injury often occurs because of a fall or because you have not sufficiently warmed up your muscles beforehand. Sports injuries in contact sports usually come from a one-time overuse injury. A tendon or muscle may then tear. If you have a torn ligament, your bones are no longer sitting normally in its joint in that spot. Often your sports injury is a recurrence of a previous injury. You may also have suffered chronic overuse. These are the symptoms you may face:

  • You can also develop chronic instability of the joint
  • After several hours or days, you experience stiffness and movement restriction
  • After a few hours (or days), your skin will discolor at the site of the injury, a bruise or bruise
  • You have a swollen or just dented area at the point of pain
  • You suddenly feel a whiplash or knife sting
  • You feel a warm skin above your tendon
  • You hear a soft creaking or crackling sound when moving your tendon

Treatment via therapist

For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.

Get started yourself?

Injuries, complaints or conditions can be self-treated with the PowerMe. Your therapist creates a treatment plan that you carry out at home. The app provides step-by-step instructions.

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