Suffering from scars?

A scar can bother you quite a bit. It may itch or hurt. Sometimes it makes you less able to move or the spot is numb. Walking, playing sports or grasping something is then more difficult. What not many people know is that scars can also cause symptoms that you wouldn't immediately associate with your scar.
Raymedy can help you.

Raymedy takes a different approach

Most people and even most doctors are not aware of the great influence that scars have on the functioning of our body. Raymedy links age-old Eastern insights to our Western science. In 4 steps we work towards a solution for the problems that your scars cause.

Four steps to successful treatment


You choose a therapist and complete an intake form. This way your therapist gains insight into your scars and complaints that are associated with it.

Body Scan

The therapist examines your energy management by measuring meridians that have to do with your complaints.


You have insight in the balance of your body and you get advice from your therapist how to restore or improve the balance.


Your therapist draws up a treatment plan with light and magnetic fields to bring your body back into balance.

Well on the way to a healthy life

How scars disturb your balance

Scar tissue is connective tissue. That has different properties than the normal tissue around it. If scar cells do not communicate well with their environment then they do not conduct meridian energy and the scar hardly integrates with its environment.It becomes hard, irritated and cold. The scar thus interferes with the flow of your energy and disrupts your balance. Once energy is flowing through your scar again, your body begins to recover. And balance arises again.

We look at your scar from a broad perspective

Western research shows that all processes in our body are driven by energy in the form of electricity, chemical energy or light. According to centuries of ancient Chinese medicine, all that energy flows through the body via meridians. When treating your scar we use both insights at Raymedy.

Energy must flow freely again

Our body has 24 meridians. Those meridians come together in the abdomen and in the head. Many complaints arise from a disturbance in those meridians. At Raymedy, we make sure your energy can flow through your body unhindered again.

Your scar can interrupt meridians

Is there a scar running through your meridian? Then your energy will not find its way through the scar tissue. This eventually leads to pain or other complaints. For example, a scar on your knee can have very different consequences. If the scar is at the front of your knee, it will disturb your stomach meridian. You can get stomach ache from that. If the scar is on the outside of your knee, it hinders the gallbladder meridian, which can cause problems with your hip, for example, and you get a headache if you eat fat.

Results with scars

A feeling of well-being can already arise during the first treatment. You then feel that energy is flowing again. What exactly recovers then depends on the meridian (s) that were interrupted by your scar. Do you want to treat your scars yourself? Or do you let a doctor or therapist do that? You can also consider having the first few treatments done by a therapist and then switching to self-treatment. You make the most suitable treatment plan together with the therapist.

More about scars

With a scar, we often think of the visible effects on our skin. But there may also have been scars in your body due to surgery or an accident. A scar can feel hard and numb. In addition, it can “pull” and hurt when you move. A scar leaves a mark on your life in different ways:

  • You suffer from itching
  • You feel a recurring pain or numbness
  • You cannot make a certain movement as well as before
  • There have been complaints in the years since that no one understands how they arose

Treatment via therapist

For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.

Get started yourself?

Injuries, complaints or conditions can be self-treated with the PowerMe. Your therapist creates a treatment plan that you carry out at home. The app provides step-by-step instructions.

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