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All processes in the body are controlled with energy. Very small energy flows drive the processes in the cells, almost the reverse from what happens in the leaves of plants where light is captured and electrons charge molecules. In our cells the oxidation sets electric energy free to drive all cellular processes. We are all familiar with it: Our eyes send pictures to the visual cortex using electronic impulses. When we do not see enough sunlight we become depressed, the immune system is less active. The science behind these quantum processes is the science behind Raymedy.

The Raymedy therapy is based on the meridian theory of Eastern medicine, combined with western measurement methods and treatment of energy imbalances with light, pulsating electromagnetic fields and stimulating micro-current. The basis for this was laid in the scientific diagnostic program of Russian space travel and further developed by Raymedy.

The Russians developed these measurements to remotely monitor and improve the health status of their cosmonauts. In 2000, Mauk den Den Boer received all the documentation and data from this scientific program. He saw the potential to combine this unique system to measure the effects of his treatments, with his light- and magnetism signals into an advanced modern therapy form. After years of development, this completely new form of therapy was started under the name i-Health, which was changed to Raymedy a few years ago.

Learning from each other

Western and Eastern medicine are finding each other more and more. The age-old energy medicine based on Chi, Yin and Yang, perpetual motion and the 5 elements and Western physical knowledge of magnetism and quantum mechanics as well as several medical specialisms are coming together. Not only for diagnostics but also for therapy.

For example, in 1924 the Nobelprize for Physiology was awarded to Willem Einthoven for his discovery of the first instrument with which the minute currents from the heart could be measured. This was the basis for the ECG.

The importance of energy and light for living organisms is an often proven fact.

We all know that the processes in the body are managed with energy. Minute currents govern the contraction of muscles and of the heart. Electro-encephalograms show the activity of the brain. Raymedy uses modern technology for diagnosis as well as to stimulate the healing processes in the human body.

TED Talk about Raymedy’s vision to use every smartphone to support health and vitality and for treatments by Mauk den Boer

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