PowerMe and ReadMe

Your health in your own hands

Understanding your health with the ReadMe

With the ReadMe pen, you measure how much energy is flowing through your body's energy pathways. The Raymedy app processes the data, shows where your energy is not flowing properly and what treatment is appropriate. The app then sets up the PowerMe itself.

The PowerMe
strengthens your self-healing ability

With the PowerMe, you serve yourself different raymedy's to. A raymedy affects certain cells, organs or places in the body. By stimulating biophysical processes in and between cells with light, pulsing electromagnetic fields and micro-currents, the PowerMe restores the body's natural balance.

Raymedy ReadMe & Raymedy PowerMe

Raymedy PowerMe

Instructional video Readme Powerme

View the product information and conditions

View product information and conditions


We hold official certifications

Your benefits at a glance

All our experience bundled together

Everything we know works, we brought together in the PowerMe.

Easy to use

Access to over 90 protocols that rebalance your body.

A therapist is watching

Having doubts about something? A qualified physician or therapist can always observe.

Order the PowerMe Pen

Connect to your smartphone

Download the app

From the App Store (Apple only)

Select your raymedy

Select the raymedy that fits your complaint

Restore your health

With magnetic fields, light or microcurrent

Well on the way to a healthy life

The PowerMe and ReadMe. Simple to use.

You simply link the PowerMe to the Raymedy app on your smartphone. The app gives you insight into your body’s balance. With the PowerMe, you have access to over 90 protocols. A raymedy is specifically designed to affect certain types of cells, organs or places in your body. With the ReadMe pen, you measure your own meridians quickly and simply. Any disruptions become visible early. The ReadMe pen connects directly to the Raymedy app on your smartphone. The app stores all your measurements. This will give you insight into your energy balance over time.

The app shows the way

The PowerMe works through an app. The app tells you how to use the PowerMe

Three types of energy fields

The PowerMe produces raymedies consisting of light, magnetic field or microcurrent.

Your therapist can follow along

Having doubts? Need for consultation? Your therapist can watch.

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