Become a therapist

to better balanced, healthy people?
Raymedy’s dream is to give as many people as possible full insight into their bodies. We can only achieve that with healthcare professionals. Do you also believe that many people need help and are you interested how Raymedy can help them? Then we would also like to have contact with you.
Everyone is unique.
Everybody is different. With a different problem, different energy, different life and different needs. With Raymedy’s we give everyone a unique energy treatment. We ensure that everyone can function as optimally as possible again with a body that has found its balance again.

At Raymedy we put the intelligence of the body to work to heal. For that we first have to get a full view of the functioning of the body. Intensive measurement of the meridians gives us insight into the functioning of the organs and energy. With this knowledge we coordinate the unique Raymedy light and magnetic field treatment.

When you are a healthcare professional with a keen interest in prevention and complementary methods, do not hesitate to contact us!