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Helping people become better themselves

Raymedy's dream is to give as many people as possible a full understanding of their bodies and to promote self-healing. We can only make that happen with good professionals. Do you also believe in that approach? If so, we would be happy to work with you as well.

Everyone is unique. Everyone is different.

Everyone is different. With a different problem, different energy and a different need. With Raymedy’s, we give everyone a unique energy treatment. We ensure that everyone can regain the best possible function with a body that has regained its balance.
At Raymedy, we put the body’s intelligence to work to heal. To do this, we must first gain full insight into the functioning of the body. By intensively measuring the meridians, we gain insight into the functioning of your organs and energy. With this knowledge, our equipment tailors the Raymedy light and magnetic field treatment to the client.

How do you become a Raymedy therapist?

  • Send us a message using our contact form and we will get back to you
  • Required is at least an HBO Medical Basic Knowledge certificate but preferably you have completed a medical education at the HBO or academic level (nursing, physical therapy, medicine)
  • Experience as a therapist is an advantage
  • You will undergo basic training as a Raymedy therapist with us and be coached in this process
  • For the equipment you enter into a lease contract with us
  • You pay monthly for the software license and basic service and support contract

What do we do for you?

  • Through our PR and marketing, Raymedy becomes better known and your practice also gets more clients
  • We provide marketing materials that you can use on your own website or send to clients
  • We organize in-service training and peer review meetings
  • We offer a comprehensive knowledge base with information on conditions and treatments
  • We collaborate with therapists and actively build the Raymedy community
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