Not really rested again?

Having to go to the bathroom often because otherwise accidents happen, having to get out a few times at night which makes your phases of deep sleep too short and prevents you from starting your day well rested. Any man can develop problems with his prostate from the age of 50. This is called benign prostatic hypertrophy. Raymedy can help you.
Raymedy can help you.

Raymedy takes a different approach

Raymedy links age-old Eastern insights to our Western science. With that, we can work in 4 steps to solve your prostate problems:

Four steps to successful treatment


You choose a therapist and complete an intake form. This way your therapist gains insight into your scars and complaints that are associated with it.

Body Scan

The therapist examines your energy management by measuring meridians that have to do with your complaints.


You have insight in the balance of your body and you get advice from your therapist how to restore or improve the balance.


Your therapist draws up a treatment plan with light and magnetic fields to bring your body back into balance.

Well on the way to a healthy life

Results in prostate problems

Research shows that the Raymedy method shows marked improvement. You then have to get out of bed much less often at night. Our prostate protocol focuses on the effects of local acidification due to uric acid, improving sphincter enervation and improving local blood flow.

Prostate and the meridians

We take a broad look at prostate problems

Western research shows that all processes in our bodies are controlled by energy in the form of electricity, chemical signals or light. According to centuries of ancient Chinese medicine, all that energy flows through the body via meridians. When treating your prostate hypertrophy, we at Raymedy make use of both insights.

Energy must flow freely again

Our body has 24 meridians. Those meridians come together in the abdomen and in the head. Many complaints arise from a disturbance in those meridians. At Raymedy, we make sure your energy can flow through your body unhindered again.

Prostate problems and your meridians

Problems with your prostate are mainly related to a weakening of your bladder meridian and to the action of urea and other acids on your prostate. As a result, the supporting tissue becomes voided, the motor nerves become weak and the muscles weak. Our prostate protocol focuses on improving these aspects.

More about prostate hypertrophy

With prostate hypertrophy, your prostate tissue becomes spongy, preventing your prostate from properly sealing your ureters. One of the main causes of prostate hypertrophy is high urea acidity. Urea is filtered out of your blood by your kidneys, but when we acidify, these acids get a chance to attack your prostate tissue via the urea. The smooth muscles that provide closure become less effective. Stress, lack of exercise and convenience foods are acidifying. Prostate hypertrophy causes these symptoms:

  • You need to urinate often
  • You suffer from a burning, pulling, nagging or biting pain in the area between your scrotum and rectum
  • The pain may radiate to your groin and sex organ
  • The pain is especially common with cold, stress, alcohol consumption, sharp food and prolonged sitting
  • Often problems arise with urination itself

Treatment via therapist

For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.

Get started yourself?

Injuries, complaints or conditions can be self-treated with the PowerMe. Your therapist creates a treatment plan that you carry out at home. The app provides step-by-step instructions.

Raymedy’s innovations were preceded by a personal search and experience journey by its founder, Mauk den Boer ( 1952): “From an early age I was interested in health and healing. In a circle of family and friends where it was common to engage with the questions of life, there were no imposed limits to my searching, forming ideas, attempting explanations, and engaging with the meaning of life. Natural, spontaneous processes I wanted to understand, and I wanted to grasp what forces form, drive and hold life together into a beautiful whole. In nature and environmental protection for 20 years I was able to express my energy and ideas about the importance of natural processes, the preservation and restoration of ecosystems , while as a hobby I did experiments to make plants and trees more resistant to environmental pollutants with magnetic field and current. Because magnetism is a fundamental force of nature and the only force of nature we can generate, change, control and measure in everyday life, I suspected unprecedented possibilities. My experiments with plants, trees and water confirmed that suspicion. Because at that time ( 1985 – 1997) too few people were interested, let alone could support a family from it, from 1997 I focused on treating people and developing the method. Raymedy’s growth and recognition are the realization of a dream: to help people become healthier, more vital and aware.

In short, Raymedy was created to bring the benefits and vast possibilities of the application of light, pulsed magnetic fields and electricity for stimulating natural healing capacity within everyone’s reach.

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