You exhaust yourself

Especially if you do not sufficiently alternate stressful moments with periods of relaxation. Because these are necessary for your recovery. Stress can have many causes: noise, work pressure, not enough sleep, feelings of insecurity, restlessness, fear, anxiety, sadness and many intense events. Major or prolonged stress eventually leads to physical and emotional symptoms.
Raymedy can help you.

Raymedy takes a different approach

Through mainstream health care, people are prescribed from relaxants such as sedatives, sleep aids, antidepressants or stimulants. We prefer to focus on the emotional causes, orthomolecular support, a healthy diet and lifestyle, breathing exercises and the opportunities our raymedy’s offer to get back to yourself. In doing so, Raymedy links ancient Eastern insights to our Western science. This is how we work toward a real solution to your stress symptoms:

Four steps to successful treatment


You choose a therapist and complete an intake form. This way your therapist gains insight into your scars and complaints that are associated with it.

Body Scan

The therapist examines your energy management by measuring meridians that have to do with your complaints.


You have insight in the balance of your body and you get advice from your therapist how to restore or improve the balance.


Your therapist draws up a treatment plan with light and magnetic fields to bring your body back into balance.

Well on the way to a healthy life

how stress disrupts your balance

When your body is out of balance and exhausted due to long-term stress, normally a quick recovery cannot be expected. In the event of sadness and worry, your immune system is weakened. This makes you more susceptible to the flu or an infection than when the grief has been processed. From this type of weakening one recovers quickly once your stress has disappeared. The greater your awareness during treatment, the greater the steps to recovery are.

Stress and meridians

We look at stress from a broad perspective

Stress and negative emotions consume a lot of energy. Long-term stress depletes your energy. Long-term stress therefore also increases the susceptibility to disorders. Beta-blockers and psychotropic drugs are only symptom-fighters. The cause lies in ourselves, in our thoughts and beliefs and how you have arranged your life.

Energy must flow freely again

Our body has 24 meridians. Every kind of emotion is linked to specific meridians. For example, frustration takes energy from your liver meridian and fear takes energy from your kidney meridian. At Raymedy we help you to become aware of your beliefs and the emotions influence you in a negative way so that your energy can flow through your body again.

Your meridians show the kind of stress you are experiencing.

Raymedy doctors and therapists can see from your meridian measurements which emotions are the causes for your stress. This is of course a snapshot. But often your meridians reveal something that you are not aware of. Every emotion is linked to a specific meridian. Exhaustion of your heart meridian occurs when your love, commitment and dedication are not answered or acknowledged. If it lasts a long time, this inevitably leads to a weakening of the heart.

The DHL ( now Deutsche Post) management team believes that the Raymedy method is capable of significantly contributing to reducing both health problems and long-term sick leave by addressing both physical and emotional blockages.

Enno D. Osinga B.Sc. | Former Managing Director DHL Netherlands from 1999 to 2004

quick results in the event of stress

The first relief comes immediately after the first consultation. Treatments using the Raymedy-PsyChi method are very effective for treating (childhood) trauma, negative core beliefs and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Naturally, this also has a good effect on your physical complaints. Your resilience increases quickly and your body starts to recover.

More about stress.

Stress literally means tension. When stressed, the hormone adrenaline puts your body into a state of readiness. Your body prepares for a fight-or-flight response: your breathing and heart rate rise and your muscles tighten. When the threat passes, your body returns to its normal state. There is nothing unhealthy about this. However, prolonged stress without a period of recovery is unhealthy. These reactions can occur with prolonged stress:

  • You get sick quickly and get infections.
  • You suffer from eczema.
  • You suffer from insomnia
  • You suffer from back, neck and head complaints and stiffness when standing up
  • You have pain due to tired muscles that provide insufficient stability to joints
  • You hyperventilate
  • Your vision is blurry
  • You have cold hand and feet
  • You suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems
  • You have problems with your stomach and intestines
  • Yiu feel dizzy

Treatment via therapist

For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.

Get started yourself?

Injuries, complaints or conditions can be self-treated with the PowerMe. Your therapist creates a treatment plan that you carry out at home. The app provides step-by-step instructions.

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