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Raymedy therapist and self-treatment

Enlist Raymedy therapist

Raymedy has its own network of therapists. These therapists have trained with Raymedy and are skilled in performing measurements and treatments. To this end, they have our professional Raymedy equipment at their disposal.

You can find a Raymedy therapist near you using our convenient search function on the Find a Therapist page.

Treating yourself with ReadMe and PowerMe

To treat yourself, you must first purchase the ReadMe and PowerMe.


  1. After purchasing our total package 2, you will receive the ReadMe wristband with measuring pen, the smartphone app for iPhone or Android and the PowerMe treatment unit.
  2. You launch the Raymedy app and answer some questions about your mental state and physical health.
  3. You use the ReadMe to measure a number of energy points on your fingers and toes, your body’s energy balance. Two measurements are taken:

Impedance measurement

This resistance measurement measures where your meridians are not flowing properly. We measure at the beginning and end points of these meridians because then it is easier to see where the complaint is. The 24 measurements are painless and precise.

Rapid response thermography

Your body is then presented with a series of signals in order to measure the response. The measurement results provide the clues for appropriate treatment.

  1. The ReadMe pen wirelessly transmits the results to the ReadMe app. It uses the measurement data to analyze the energy balance in the various meridians. Once everything is mapped out, the ReadMe app generates a treatment plan with the PowerMe and sets it up wirelessly. This treatment focuses on restoring the energy balance in your meridians and thereby resolving or reducing your symptoms.
  1. The ReadMe app gives you precise 6 instruction on where and how long to hold the PowerMe and with which part of the PowerMe this is. This way you easily treat your energy points yourself and feed them with the right energy.
  2. After the first treatment, you usually notice an immediate reaction because an immediate restoration of energy balance occurs. You then perform this treatment regularly until your symptoms are sufficiently or completely reduced. With each measurement, you can see how far recovery has occurred.

The package also includes a number of supportive consultations from a Raymedy therapist.

The treatment has restored your balance in your body and you have gained a better understanding of your own energy attitude but now it is up to you to stay in balance. The app or supportive therapist will give you several pieces of advice.

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