Why Raymedy

want to get healthy again.
Raymedy is for when
Regular healthcare cannot help you further
You prefer a sustainable solution instead of just treating the symptoms
You will be told to learn to live with your complaint
You want to work preventively on your health

Raymedy’s innovations were preceded by a personal search and experience of the founder, Mauk den Boer(1952): “I was interested in health and healing from an early age. In a family and circle of friends where it was common to deal with the questions of life, there were no imposed limits for my search, idea formation, attempted explanations, and search for the meaning of life. I wanted to understand natural, spontaneous processes and I wanted to understand which forces form, drive and keep life together in a beautiful whole. In nature- and environmental protection, I spent 20 years expressing my energy and ideas about the importance of natural processes, the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, while as a hobby I did experiments to make plants and trees with magnetic fields and electricity more resistant to environmental pollution. Because magnetism is a fundamental force of nature and the only force of nature that we can generate, change, direct and measure in everyday life, I suspected unprecedented possibilities. My tests with plants, trees and water confirmed this suspicion. During that period (1985 – 1997) too few people were interested, let alone  enabling me to support a family. Therefore in 1997 I focused on treating people and to develop a new healing system. Raymedy’s growth and recognition are the realization of a dream: helping people to become healthier, more vital and more aware.”

In short, Raymedy was founded to bring within everyone’s reach the benefits and enormous possibilities of the application of light, pulsating magnetic fields and current to stimulate the natural healing power.

Treatment via therapist
For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.
Get started yourself?
Injuries, complaints or disorders can be treated with the PowerMe by yourself. Your therapist makes a treatment plan that you implement at home. The App provides step by step instructions.
ReadMe and PowerMe