Jet lag

relieved in one or two treatments
Changing the biorhythm due to jet lag or shift work leads to poor sleep, malfunction and disorientation. With our Jet lag protocol, the disturbed internal clock can be corrected, so that it again coincides with the sun time at the place of arrival or at the time of going to sleep. Raymedy helps immediately.
Raymedy can fix it
Jet lag is an energetic imbalance that you can remedy easily and quickly with Raymedy. Regular healthcare does not have therapy for this, but Raymedy has developed a special protocol for it. It helps with any disruption of the internal clock so not only after a flight but also after a period of irregular shifts.
Fix your jet lag yourself in 10 minutes
With the ReadMe and PowerMe you can quickly get yourself back in order quickly. Choose from the protocols the protocol for the time of arrival or the time of the moment that you want to be treated, for example, before going to bed after you get out of the night shift, or the moment where you wake up at night. The jet lag is gone after a treatment of ten minutes.
ReadMe en PowerMe
Never jet lag again
With ReadMe and PowerMe, launched in 2019, you can get rid of your jet lag. However, that is not all. With this equipment you can also remedy a wide range of other complaints such as injuries, migraine and prostate complaints.
More about jet lag
Our biorhythm is important for our health. An up-to-date biological clock is very important for the night’s rest. Recent research has shown that a natural biorhythm is important for many more functions of our body. No process in our body escapes biorhythm.

Irregular services, jet lag, irregular life, it has a direct impact on our health. Often a disturbance is unavoidable: You simply do not lie down when the baby needs to be fed. We all know how debilitating that can be. When you have night shifts or frequent flights to distant destinations, that is also an attack on resilience and in the long term it has a negative effect. A range of complaints is related to jet lag, e.g. a weakening of the immune system, mood swings, metabolic problems, disorientation. It is estimated that about half the population in large cities has a day-night rhythm that does not match their daily schedule. You can have a lot of trouble with that. This is called “social jet lag” (Philips, M.L, 2009: Circadian rythms: or owls, larks and alarm clocks. Nature, 458, 142-144).

We are familiar with the organ clock and the fact that within 24 hours every meridian has its own energy peak. A familiar phenomenon for us is that someone often wakes up at the time of a meridian with an energy deficit or a clear disbalance. In our brains, to be precise in the suprachiasmatic core, is the central clock of our body. It is set every day by daylight. In addition, all cells and organs have their own internal clock, driven by a set of genes called the clock genes. These clock genes in turn give rhythm to other genes. It is now known that between 10 and 20% of all our genes in an organ are switched on and off in a day rhythm. You can say that every process in our body is influenced by the daily routine. If that is an open door, then still an open door with a Raymedy solution behind it.

Treatment via therapist
For very serious injuries or chronic complaints or disorders, we recommend a visit to a Raymedy therapist. The therapist scans for effective treatment frequencies.
Get started yourself?
Injuries, complaints or disorders can be treated with the PowerMe by yourself. Your therapist makes a treatment plan that you implement at home. The App provides step by step instructions.