About Raymedy

Our world has so much to offer

That is why we look at your health with an open-minded, broad perspective. Just a bit wider than you are used to from regular healthcare.

Unique combination of knowledge

Raymedy has been linking insights from Eastern energy medicine with Western scientific knowledge and modern measurement systems since 1997 . We record every treatment we do, analyze our data and thus develop new treatments.

We test our measurements against Eastern knowledge of the energy pathways (“meridians”) in the body and the energy in the various body systems. The results of these measurements form the basis for treatment with our equipment. We do this with magnetism, light frequencies and microcurrent.

The origins of Raymedy therapy

Raymedy’s innovations were preceded by a personal search and experience journey by its founder, Mauk den Boer ( 1952-2021): “from an early age I was interested in health and healing. In a family and circle of friends where it was common to engage with the questions of life, there were no imposed limits to my searching, formation of ideas, attempts at explanations, and preoccupation with the meaning of life. Natural, spontaneous processes I wanted to understand, and I wanted to grasp what forces form, drive and hold life together into a beautiful whole. In nature and environmental protection for 20 years I was able to express my energy and ideas about the importance of natural processes, the preservation and restoration of ecosystems , while as a hobby I did experiments to make plants and trees more resistant to environmental pollutants with magnetic field and current. Because magnetism is a fundamental force of nature and the only force of nature we can generate, change, control and measure in everyday life, I suspected unprecedented possibilities. My experiments with plants, trees and water confirmed that suspicion. Because back then ( 1985 – 1997) too few people were interested, let alone could support a family from it, I focused on treating people and developing the Raymedy method starting in 1997. Raymedy’s growth and recognition are the realization of a dream: to help people become healthier, more vital and aware.

Raymedy was founded to bring the benefits and vast possibilities of the application of light, pulsed magnetic fields and electricity to stimulate natural healing capacity within everyone’s reach. With Raymedy, we stimulate the body’s self-healing and self-protective capacity, reduce the need for medication, and provide an effective therapy for conditions in which mainstream health care is less effective.

Mauk den Boer
Raymedy Founding Father Mauk den Boer

Raymedy explainer video

The video below explains how Raymedy therapy came about, the knowledge and technology behind it. Subtitles are English.
The development of Raymedy since 1997 in figures and facts in chronological order can be found on this page.

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