PowerMe device

strengthens your self-healing capacity
With the PowerMe you can administer various raymedies yourself. A raymedy affects certain cells, organs or places in the body. By stimulating biophysical processes in and between cells, the PowerMe restores the natural balance of the bodies functions.
PowerMe device
The PowerMe can be ordered directly with the ReadMe pen and together they cost € 998.50
View the product information and conditions
View the product information and conditions
We are in possession of official certifications
Your benefits at a glance
All our experience bundled together
Everything that we know works, we have brought together in the PowerMe.
Easy to use
Access to over 90 protocols that bring your body back into balance.
A therapist is watching
Are you in doubt about something?
A qualified doctor or therapist can always watch.
Order the PowerMe
Connect to your smartphone
Download the App
From the App Store
Select your Raymedy protocol
Select the raymedy protocol that fits your complaint or begin to measure yourself.
Restore your health
With magnetic fields, light or micro current
Well on the way to a healthy life
The PowerMe. Easy to use.
You can easily link the PowerMe to the Raymedy app on your smartphone. The app gives you insight into the balance in your body. With the PowerMe you have access to more than 90 protocols. A raymedy has been specially developed to influence certain types of cells, organs or places in your body.
The app shows the way
The PowerMe works via an app. The app indicates how to use the PowerMe.
Three types of energy fields
The PowerMe produces raymedies that consist of light, magnetic field or micro current.
Your therapist can advise you if need be.
Are you in doubt? Need consultation? Your therapist can advise and accompany you when necessary.